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 Get Diabetes in your control.
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Vijayasar, also known as Indian Kino, is a
popular medicinal plant which is one
of the most effective herb of Ayurveda.
Tree's bark is used to make wooden
glasses, which is a blood sugar remedy.
Most people are either on drugs or
insulin, which only helps in maintaining
blood sugar level and can also cause
several side effects.
Herbal wood glass is a natural way to
control Diabetes.
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Are you having frequent trips to bathroom?

Do you have an unquenchable thirst?

Are you loosing weight?

Do you get tired easily?

Then you should be concerned because you may be diagnosed with Diabetes.

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Diabetes Treatment

"Diabetes", considered still as a mystery disease. Diabetic population according to the statistical evaluation till 1974 shows that there are 130 million known diabetics all over the world. While quoting on the incidental rate of diabetic population, in India, figure of known diabetics exceed 10 million undetected cases of diabetes in addition. In other countries like Japan and Canada the rate of incidence is 50 out of 1000, while in U.K it is 15 out of 1000. In U.S.A there are about 5 to 6 million diabetics. Moreover about 6 percentage of the population is subjected to the attack of the disease annually.
According to the TOI report, most people in their productive years(aged 20 to 79 years) aren't aware that they are diabetic, a disease that exposes them to heart attack, stroke, amputations, nerve damage, blindness and kidney disease. The diabetes epidemic in the India, that killed 10 lakh people in 2011, has also thrown up an interesting trend. Contrary to popular belief, diabetes affects more people in rural India (34 million) than affluent urban Indians (28 million). The gap between the number of diabetic men and women in India is also diminishing. While 33 million men are diabetic, 29 million women are affected by high blood sugar. The latest global figures on diabetes released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), has raised a serious alarm for India by saying that nearly 52% of Indians aren't aware that they are suffering from high blood sugar. India is presently home to 62 million diabetics — an increase of nearly 2 million in just one year. India is second only to China which is home to 92.3 million diabetics. By 2030, India's diabetes numbers are expected to cross the 100 million mark. India is also way ahead when it comes to number of diabetics when compared to its immediate neighbours. Bangladesh has the second highest number of diabetics after India but the number stands at just 5.5 million. Sri Lanka has 1.1 million diabetics, Nepal 5.06 lakh, Mauritius 1.4 lakh, Bhutan 22,362 and Maldives 15,908.

Benefits of Wood Glass



Controlling Diabetes is not the easy job,
when I read about this product thought of
giving try and I was surprised with the
results it's really helps in controlling
diabetes and can live healthy life with diabetes.


Rebecca Hann from KENDENUP WA
It's the exclusive one, for kind of
health issues just one single glass
can prove best as it make anyone free
from health problems, switch to herbal
wood glass for treating yourself will be
the superb idea.


Marie from U.K
Hello I am suffering from high blood
pressure, satisfied with the results of
this product within 3 days only, feeling
more energetic and fit, able to work speedily,
according to me everyone should at least try
this product once.